Friday, October 9, 2009

My First post (and a little bit about me)

Hello one and all,

My Name is Nathan and i have been wanteing to start a blog for a while now, and have gotten extremely close many times. The difference between this time and all those other times is the fact that today i felt the need more than any other time for me to get the word out there about what I've been going through. I currently have cancer which is located in multiple places in my brain and in my spine.

The cancer first appeared 3 years ago when i was a student and University of Missoui - Columbia, aka Mizzou. I was nealing the end of my sophomore year and started to notice a problem with my eyes, considering i knew multiple eyedoctors back home that my sister and step-sister worked at i figured i would go to them, but as it progressively got worse i went to the student medical center and then Mizzou's hospital, and came to find out the reason for my double vision and other problems i didn't really notice (because i was so worried about my eyes).

The first doctors thought I had Myastenia Gravis. but the lesions they thought were related to that condition slowly grew and they discovered it was "Germinoma" Brain Tumors and the three years since that day have been an on and off hell which included things such as brain tumor reoccurance, problems within my family, problem holding a job, problems with people i thought were family, among many many others i would love to get to right now but will have to do at a different day as my eyes aren't seeing very well today and my shoulder fells like it is slowly being drilled into. But if you read this please come back because i would love to share my journey with you.